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17 December 2022

£5.00 door (cash only), £4.00 advance
21.40 Mid Air
20.50 Sleeprs
20.00 Rich Rainford
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Mid Air
A delicate, erudite pop quintet, Mid Air feature the songwriting and vocal talents of Pete Moore, a founder member of GTI over 20 years ago, and a clutch of experienced, fluent local musicians.  With influences from Simon & Garfunkel, Prince, David Bowie and many others their music is a mix of harmony-laden folk, pop, country and indie, always with distinctive male/female vocals, and a smattering of gorgeous sax. And, yes, we think the name should be hyphenated too, but we'll let them off that...
Sleeprs are a hypnotic, fuzzy, tuneful indie pop band from Oxford. "'Home Alone' drowns its listeners in all the regular nu gaze elements: droning guitar riffs (made powerfully effective through the use of an EBow), low distorted, repressed vocals, and obscure lyricism. 'Home Alone' is reminiscent of many of the tracks on My Bloody Valentine's, Loveless" – Can's Headphones.
Rich Rainford
You can't throw a Moleskine notebook filled with maudlin poetry in Oxford without hitting some self-pitying singer-songwriter or other, and most of them are best forgotten, but every now and again you stumble across one with character and quality that lifts them above the morass.  We discovered Rich at a gig by electro-hiphop-emo soundclash (and GTI alumni) Tiger Mendoza, who closed their set with one of Rich's tunes, his rich sturdy voice sitting well atop the chunky electronic backing.  This will be a more intimate, acoustic affair, but we have no doubt that it will be equally affecting.


Unless national obligations change, we will not be asking for proof of vaccination or evidence of a negative COVID-19 test on the door. We ask that people stay home if they feel unwell, or if they've had a positive test (we'll be undertaking lateral flow tests ourselves prior to every gig). We want to continue to ensure that our events are relaxed affairs, whilst being sensible about managing the risk.
Of course, some people will not feel ready to come to a small venue yet, and we understand - hopefully we'll see you again in the not too distant future.
Naturally, we will revise this policy should the UK government introduce further regulations.
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