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30 March 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 London Graffiti
21.20 The Magic Lotus
20.30 The Land Girls
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London Graffiti
London Graffiti are an Oxford-based alt rock four-piece who formed in late 2016. Their sound is reminiscent of late grunge or post-punk, forged within a contemporary British melting pot of poetry, melodies, soaring guitars and grooves. There’s also a touch of the introspective classic indie sound, typified by the likes of The Wedding Present underpinning the rock flurry, as well as the freeze-dried goth tunefulness of Echo & The Bunnymen.
The Magic Lotus
The Magic Lotus is a rock band based in London whose 60s-influenced pop melodicism comes with a minimalist grunge attack. The origins of the band, much like the origins of Western civilization, are in Athens, Greece, where the guys started many moons ago. Moving to London in 2015, The Magic Lotus wasted no time hitting the capital's club circuit. The Unsigned Guide picked up on the band, championing them in their mailouts.  With touched of both psychedelia and punk, the band is liable to inspire hands-aloft singalongs in songs you’ve never heard before.
The Land Girls
A band who contacted us when since vocalist Luke was far too young to get into the Gappy venue, but  his mixture of quietly assured stage presence and the band’s poise and inventiveness meant we kept in touch, and now, finally, we can host them without any visits from the rozzers!  A recommendation to anyone who appreciates the literate showmanship of The Smiths, Gene’s transmutation of classic rock moves into introspective pop, or the witty, poetic delicacy of early Belle & Sebastian.
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