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31 January 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Man Make Fire
21.35 Lake Of Kings
20.45 Robot Swans
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Man Make Fire
Man Make Fire are a four piece rock band from Chipping Norton. They are at this moment locked away in a studio banging on bits of sheet metal to produce two brand new EPs which they humbly describe as this generation’s answer to Led Zeppelin.  They play good, old-fashioned heavy rock with a glint in their eyes and a foot stomped down hard onto a pedal board.  They're great fun and, let’s face it, Chippy could use some decent musical ambassadors who are more interested in rocking out than dairy farming.
Lake Of Kings
Reading’s Lake Of Kings feature members of great Berks bands The Wookies, Johnny Arrow & The Cheap Day Returns, and The Golden Hours.  They describe their music as alternative, experimental and progressive, all of which is doubtless true, but the presence of a strong melodic sense and a nice warm indie hug should not be under-rated either.
Robot Swans
Robot Swans say, “we're a three-piece indie/pop/something band from Oxford. Our sound combines male and female vocals, twinkly synths, electric guitar, bass, and our custom-made drum machine, DrumKid. The songs we play are bittersweet, often combining superficially happy sounds with melancholy lyrics”. We would like to add that they were formed in the creative crucible that is the Catweazle Club, which ought to be guarantee of quality enough for anyone in the county.
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