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25 July 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Be Good
21.35 Raymonde Howard
20.45 Clarke & Moore
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Be Good
“Dope wop.  Muscle pop.  Thame wave”.  It really is incredibly difficult to argue with that, even if we’re not 100% certain what the last one entails.  Nightshift puts things somewhat more explicitly when they said that Be Good play “reverby late ‘50s balladry that sounds as if it should be about milkshake and eroticised motorbike crashes.  They deliver this post-doo wop very well, throwing in a little surf tremolo, some brash 80s colours and even a droplet of grunge slackness, and if it sometimes feels as though Marty McFly put the band together by nipping into his high school prom at ten year intervals, the effect is surprisingly cohesive”.
Raymonde Howard
Raymonde Howard is the pseudonym of a Frenchwoman named Laetitia, from Saint Etienne.  Before we go any further, yes, we suppose there are similarities with Laetitia Sadier, and even Saint Etienne at a push.  Happy?  Right, let’s move on to her slinky, concise, repetitive, melodic pop, that’s as quietly experimental as it is sweetly addictive.  She has garnered much praise from the press, as these reviews of album Le Lit prove (you all speak French, right?): “Le Lit de la française Raymonde Howard n'est pas King-Size : huit chansons en 15 minutes. Mais on fait de drôles de rêves dans cette indie-pop de chambre, haletante et onirique” – Les Inrockuptibles; “Huit titres brefs mais joyeusement acidulés, comme une version pop d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles” – Clutch; “A l'écoute de sa musique, on a l'impression qu'elle est juste à coté de nous en train de jouer, tant ses comptines de proximités grincent, couinent sous des notes bien accordées. Bref du lo-fi bien pro, bien enchanteur et très malin” – Foutraque.
Clarke & Moore
Corinne Clarke and Peter Moore used to play together in top brain-pop acts Death of A Small Town and Script, both of whom graced the Gappy stage in years past.  Now they’ve stripped the sound back, but kept the gorgeous, intelligent tunes in full evidence.  Visit their Facebook page – although it was created the very day we’re writing this, so there’s bugger all on it at the moment.
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