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18 December 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£5.00, £4.00 advance
22.45 Balloon Ascents
22.00 Zurich
21.15 The Jon Cohen Experimental
20.30 After The Thought
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Balloon Ascents
Oxford's risingest young talents, with pop star swagger balanced by compositional subtlety and honest to God killer tunes.  If you’ve not seen them yet you either don’t live in Oxford or don’t have ears (very sorry for your loss, if it’s the latter), as they blend the folky pop nous of Stornoway with sultry cheek and the odd funk lick.  “Radiohead, Supergrass, Ride, Foals... every now and then an Oxford band comes along which makes everyone sit up, shut up and take notice. The latest is Balloon Ascents.”  Oxford Times. “Balloon Ascents give hope to my generation” Gig Slutz.  “Clever mathy beats and sweet little grooves nestle amongst crystalline melodies”The Ocelot.
Epic kings of widescreen, large scale, emotion wringing rock, who sprang from the ashes of popular North Oxon dark indie act The Scholars (although, if anything, they’re better and more gloriously grandoise).  “Imagine that Simple Minds ate Echo & The Bunnymen and Big Country for breakfast and you’re halfway there” BBC Fresh On The Net.  “Elemental, muscular glory pop with flightpath vocal lines and dark disco rhythms” Nightshift.
The Jon Cohen Experimental
A one-man band dropping by from his native Montreal, to daub his tidy ditties with intense psychedelic flourishes.  Part indie-rocker, part experimentalist, part promoter and all adventurer Jon has served time in The Dears and The Social Register, but struck out to forge a new path of sonic trickery, pop songsmithery, and spiritual ritual madness (ery).  “Every full-on clattering rumba-based anti-folk song comes topped and tailed with a great piece of spoken life philosophy” Nightshift.  “Loop pedals have been done to death on stage but this is honestly the most original and effective use of them we’ve seen since Duotone’s delicately layered folktronica. The stage setup and mad professor schtick suggests a Buddhist Thomas Truax, but he has the outsider sincerity and total commitment – and genuine insanity – of Twizz Twangle as well [...]  When people say support your local gig venues, this is what we’d lose if they were gone” Music In Oxford.
After The Thought
Probably Oxford's greatest current techno artist, who intersperses his banging beats with post-rock textures and soaring melodies.  Electronic sounds made with care and love...and pedals. Loads of pedals.  "F#?K Buttons - style layered drones, early Orbital-ish techno trance, and minimal ambient-dub movements." OMS.  “Synthetic hums, squelches and wows working their way oh-so-softly over sparingly used electronic beats and the occasional disembodied voice” Nightshift. “After The Thought shifts slow, elegant notes round in the manner of Eno’s Shutov Assembly with early 90s twinkles a la vintage Global Communication, not to mention a penchant for heartbeat rate decay that’s positively Pete Namlook [...] Is Bubblegum Tinnitus a genre?” Nightshift (A different reviewer, mind)
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