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28 January 2017

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Holy Moments
21.35 Le Pub
20.45 Freddy Le Cragg
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Holy Moments
Some punky, grunge-spattered pop from a newish local trio.  In 2016 they played with some of our very favourite Oxford acts, Lucy Leave, Cherokii and Slate Hearts, which should be all the evidence you require that they are great fun.  If you’re less trusting, check out “Bug In The Brain”, a chunky piece of self-conscious power pop pitched somewhere between Sugar and Sebadoh, and you’ll doubtless come round to our way of thinking.
Le Pub
No Negotiation. No Nonsense. No Compromise.  Just music, served well with a side of beer/wine and pork scratchings.  A big, bouncy quintet from the west of the county, for people who know that rock bands, like pubs, should be wholesome, unpretentious and full of booze.
Freddy Le Cragg
Banbury’s Freddy Le Cragg started with a cheap guitar, went electric, joined a band, switched to bass, wrote some epic songs and now has come full circle to a cheap guitar again.  Blues, ballads, rock ‘n’ roll, all mixed in a big blender and spat out through a microphone.  Freddy holds the record for being in the greatest number of bands who split up just as we were about to offer them a gig, so it’s a pleasure to finally get him onto our stage.
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