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16 December 2017

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£5.00, £4.00 advance
22.40 Lucy Leave
21.55 Self Help
21.10 Manu Louis
20.25 Beard Of Destiny
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Lucy Leave
Lucy Leave are the Oxford musician’s Oxford musicians, chucking psych, punk and prog into a big rock mortar and crushing it to dust with a bright pop pestle.  “A crazy kind of wonderful” – BBC Oxford.  “Their crazing paving pop brings together prog, psych and punk with Blur’s sense of a good tune, whilst the drumming is astonishingly frenetic and jazzy, like Gene Krupa squashing ants for money.   If you wondered what it would sound like if Stump, Tiger, Neu! and Hawkwind got together down the pub for a pint of mild and a game of astronomy dominoes, Lucy Leave’s “40 Years” will give you an inkling.” – Nightshift.
Self Help
Self Help is a thrashy threepiece that likes to combine the upbeat, rambunctious and hooky nature of garage with the depressing reality of life.  Melodically approachable, but pure punk in spirit, they promise to “play house parties/fields/your gran’s garden/Cotswold Wildlife Park/that place where Apple hides its offshore cash” – but we’re happy to have them in the classically filthy confines of the ‘Sheaf.  “"Wacky garage pop of the highest lo-fi calibre, as if Plastic Bertrand and Jilted John had a love child that was brought up by The Modern Lovers" – Nightshift.
Manu Louis
Manu Louis, a prolific Berlin-based composer and performer of experimental chanson, influenced equally by pop, jazz, electronica and 20th century classical music, is probably the visitor to Oxford about whom we had the most comments and queries in 2017. Following his work for the 30-piece Orchestra Vivo and for string ensemble OCL, Manu has released a hyper-eclectic album about the fairground, Kermesse Machine (Igloo rec.) which combines the exotic glamour of the Anglo pop of Manu’s childhood with the tacky sounds of Belgian popular music that he always did his best to ignore (brass band, Eurodance, industrial trance, wedding performers). This is one of only four UK dates.  “This is Wagner in clown shoes, Morrissey on a carousel, and John Shuttleworth recognised as Poet Laureate” – Music OMH.  “Plus coloré qu’une licorne vomissant un arc-en-ciel” – Gonzia (stick that in your favourite internet translator, it’s a great line).
Beard Of Destiny
Beard of Destiny are Gray Barlow (guitars, vocals) and Ian Campbell (drums, percussion).  Gray grew up in Brighton and has played in bands since he was 11 years old.  He called his first band Kings of the Cosmic Orb and quite frankly has never looked back.  After moving to Oxford in 2000AD Gray has gigged with many local musicians and spent many years playing bass with The Mighty Redox.  However it was as a member of Nortica and then Lagrima that he was able to start developing his own songwriting style.  But what of his trusted cider kick, Mr Eye Candy himself, Ian Campbell?  Having got used to moving around a lot from an early age, he went on to tour the world with bands such as Outback and Dr Didg.  It don't matter if he's sitting down on the cahon or standing behind a full drum kit, Mr Campbell comes on like a full orchestra.
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