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30 August 2014

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.15 The Kites
21.30 Octopuses
20.45 These Are Our Demands
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The Kites
Named after one of Oxford’s most common avine spectacles, this indie pop quintet come proffering airy melodies, well-bred songs and subtle, enticing vocals. Perfect light fare for the depths of summer.
An alt-pop collective from Brighton, this bright, smily band will fascinate the mind, whilst tickling a few dancing feet. Also of interest to locals with long memories, they were formed by two members of much-missed C86 rapscallions Foxes!
These Are Our Demands
More references back to great GTI acts of yore, TAOD were put together by ¾ of the mighty Harry Angel, to continue the dark sermonising. Perhaps a little lighter and more introspective than the parent band, we still expect this trio to probe some eerie Nick Cave corners and start the night with a gothic shiver.
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