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31 October 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Bewarethisboy
21.35 The 150 Friends Club
20.45 Luke Keegan
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A folk rock quartet with all the requisite fiddle, mandola and anthemic melody.  Described by one promoter as “Lindisfarne meets the Clash and much more” they have been happy to get out there and onstage as often as possible, delivering original energetic folk music with dedication, passion and – like we said – fiddle.
The 150 Friends Club
The 150 Friends Club ideology is based on the ‘Dunbar’s Theory’, which states that it is impossible for a person to have more than 150 meaningful friendships at any one time. This was an interesting revelation for the front man of the band, David Goo, which lead him to gather his favorite musicians from around London to work on a project based on this Ideology. He wanted to create a band that connected emotionally and physically with the crowd, playing concerts to no more than 150 people. He felt like he was working on something amazing and shortly after starting, he solidified the line-up.  The band just released their first album Monogamy and their experimental and atmospheric sound has already been a huge hit with fans. This will be a special acoustic performance.
Luke Keegan
Luke Keegan is a Singer/Songwriter based in Oxford. His influences include Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine and Fionn Regan.  “There are hints of Crosby, Still & Nash,. Paul Simon and even America [...] nodding gently in the direction of sunnier 1960s shores” – Nightshift.
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