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30 July 2016

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Art Theefe
21.35 Shrinking Violets
20.45 Charlie Leavy
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Art Theefe
Built around the songs of singer,guitarist and Catweazle Club mainman, Matt Sage (“A great artist” – Gilles Peterson), along with Little Brother Eli’s Josh Rigal on bass, and New York sessionaire Joel Bassuk on drums, Art Theefe formed in 2013 around a shared desire to create timeless music for these times. The band share a heritage with many of rock, soul, folk and country’s most illustrious artists: classic song writing, soulful performances, and real musicianship.  You might discern hints of Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan or Dylan.   Tom Waits, Van Morrison or The Stones at their peak.  Good artists copy, great artists steal.  Art Theefe.  It’s all in the mix, and yet this sound is all their own.
Shrinking Violets
Idealised beyond eccentricity: “Shrinking Violets” are the five-piece result of an experiment to blend rock and roll with soul and psychedelic pop, blossoming from the soil of their hometown, Redditch, in October 2015. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Jodie Ollis, the band conceptualises and realises their sounds in the kitchen of their cul-de-sac semi. With tones as bright as their colours, and a nonchalant poetical agenda, Shrinking Violets brings the essence of nature via the truth of electronics to an unsustainable state of beautiful chaos. Step into their world, as the twilight of the 60s fades into the freak trip of the 70s.
Charlie Leavy
A young singer who splits her time between her native Hook Norton and Leeds, and who splits her phenomenal musical talent between elegant folky tunes and K-Pop euphoria.  “Reminds me of a young Kate Bush” BBC; “Relentlessly upbeat, one great song follows another, catchy tunes with straightforward yet personal lyrics like the poignant ‘Tongue Tied’” Nightshift; “Man, the voice, the songwriting, the music, it’s all so mature, so age-weathered, so, so  . . . so damn perfect” The Ripple Effect
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