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25 November 2017

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Art Theefe
21.35 sky coloured
20.45 The Missing Persians
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Art Theefe
Formed in 2013 around a shared desire to create classic music, Art Theefe share a heritage with many of rock, soul, folk and country’s most illustrious artists: timeless song writing, soulful performances, and artful musicianship.  As well as Josh Rigal from the excellent Little Brother Eli, Art Theefe boasts the presence of Matt Sage (“A great artist” – Gilles Peterson), Dylanesque, Van Morrisonian, bluesy songwriter and man behind the outstanding Catweazle Club (“One of five essential cultural interludes in Oxford” – The Guardian).  “Art Theefe rock rather splendidly, are impressively tight and offer pleasing variety” – Nightshift.  This gig is rescheduled from a 2016 booking.
sky coloured
Americana UK described London wide-screen jazz pop beast sky coloured as “like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning scored by Miles Davis”, and who are we to argue?  Light, funky, keyboard-driven, with the possibility of intermittent patches of strings and scattered showers of brass, this band is like an alt reality version of Tindersticks who have spent a lot more time listening to classic Southern soul than reading arty paperbacks.  Smooth, sophisticated, and addictive.
The Missing Persians
Rootsy music delivered with more of a wink to open, with The Missing Persians’ impersonation of Squeeze rocking a rhythm ‘n’ blues roadhouse.  “Opening salvo, On Concrete, offers up some hot-to-trot, solid rhythm and blues and in a way that is a perfect hub to which the spokes of their musical wheel are secured, it says something about their points of reference, as well as the skill, solidity and deftness of their playing. But it is also only the initial springboard from which to dive into an album that weaves diverse generic threads and wanders a number of stylistic pathways” – Dancing About Architecture album review.  “A pleasant surprise to have a first album with so much variation. A different sort of band that can’t be put into any one genre, they are ‘The Missing Persians’ and the music is their own. An excellent take!” – Lancashire Blues Archive.
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