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26 April 2014

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.15 Balloon Ascents
21.30 Montmartre
20.45 Blood Red Stars
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Balloon Ascents
"I stumbled across this Oxford quintet recently, and were astonished by the relaxed confidence on stage – so much so that my muzzy old brain harked back to memories of shows by glam urchins Sexy Breakfast. And, although there's a taut sense of cabaret about Balloon Ascents, they also have a light, folky subtlety in their sound – refreshing for such a young band - which has perhaps been influenced by Stornoway. Like all great pop music, they sound utterly timeless and astonishingly contemporary" The Ocelot.
Joe Allen was an Oxford favourite, until his departure a few years ago for the smoky allure of London. Now he's back with a glorious new trio. They skitter and brood, vocals swinging from fragility to vitriol atop layers of intricate guitars, synths and melodic bass riffs. The imperfect cadence to this uneasy offering is the beat-up Apple Mac in the corner, serving up jittery, agitated beats and glitches.
Blood Red Stars
Is a woozy mirage of pop noise to open the show. There are wispy curlicues of baggy. There are fuzzy hints of rock n roll. There are ghostly memories of shoegaze. Want them to describe the sound? They say "ideas are currently derestricted". Well, quite.
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