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26 August 2017

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£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Brightworks
21.35 Pfaff
20.45 Semi Urban Fox
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Bright Works started life as four friends from Oxford, UK, who invented their own genre of music, mafrobeat. United by an obsession with all experimental music from Captain Beefheart and Daniel Johnston to the Mars Volta, the young musicians wanted to combine that with the pop music they all loved from Diana Ross to the Police. The result is catchy pop riffs and occasionally screaming thrashing in odd time signatures with a poet for a lead singer.  Half the band now live in London, they have a new drummer, new bassist and added synthesizers, and have just recorded their latest EP.  (NB event he band themselves aren’t sure whether there’s a gap in their name, so we’ve used both in this paragraph!)
Machester’s Pfaff make music that is angular and strange, full of weird noises and shifting time signatures. They describe themselves as “three idiots making idiosyncratic sounds”, but we feel their genius song titles speak volumes more about their excellence than anything else can: “The One Where Joey Punches Rachel In The Throat”, anyone?  Or how about a bit of “Social Media Crowdsourcing Doesn’t Really Work For Naming Songs (This Song Is Called Gary)”?.
Semi Urban Fox
Once upon a time the boys from Semi Urban Fox were Büsh Fyre, a spandex-clad glam metal cover outfit, relentlessly rocking the towns and villages of South West Oxfordshire.  Thankfully they’re now a rather nifty little new wave/garage outfit, although they probably still rock Oxfordshire’s minor conurbations, given half a chance.  Come and check out their hyper-pop bounce this time in the shining metropolis that is Oxford.
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