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28 October 2023

£5.00 door (cash only), £4.00 advance
21.40 Smoke With Fire
20.50 Takeda
20.00 Lucy Peer
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Smoke With Fire
A new band who grew from the ashes of Oxford rockers Echo4Four who were known for their rousing rhythms, their ear for a chunky no-prisoners-taken melody, and their infectiously energetic stage shows. Expect riffs and rocking in equal measure.
Takeda inhabit that sparsely populated kingdom known as Grunge-Folk. With a rich heritage of folk songs and tunes colliding with the gritty fuzzed guitar tones from grunge and hardcore their music is unique...although a heavier version of Big Thief might go some way to capturing their sound. On tour from their native Norfolk to support their debut single, 'Pica Pica, Pica Pica!' (that's a pair of magpies for non-ornithologists – joyous!).
Lucy Peer
Lucy is a student at the University of Oxford, whose "angry girl music" kicks out powerful and memorable tunes that have been championed by BBC Introducing Oxfordshire. Lucy's passionate, dynamic stage presence allows her to deliver her songs directly to eager audiences from her native Southampton to her current home in Oxford. Imagine getting your ears kicked by a pair of Docs covered in glitter (but in a nice way).


Our gigs are often highly eclectic, so there might be a wide variety of punters in our little venue. We want everyone to have a good time, so relax, express yourself and have a good gig, but be thoughtful of other people and don't ruin their night with your fun. Basically, just be considerate and nice, and everyone will be happy.
Naturally, anyone who is actively aggressive, or who abuses anyone else on the grounds of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, Monster Munch flavour preference, or whatever the hell else might make a bigot irrationally angry, is out the door.


In return, we'll make every effort to create a warm and pleasant environment, and we'll try our hardest to keep to the timetable (music starts at approximately 20.00, and will go on till about 22.15). Also, we've kept the door price as low as we can, but rest assured that GTI is a non-profit event, and all the money after expenses goes to the performers.


Our venue is a small, unventilated room, at the top of a pretty steep flight of stairs, so please bear these facts in mind when considering buying tickets (and sorry to anyone whom this excludes). We do have some folding chairs available for anyone who would have trouble standing for the duration of the concert, so please ask at the door if you require one.
Also, as our venue is part of a pub, attendees and performers must be 18+.
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