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30 November 2019

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.10 Master Of None
21.20 Stealing Signs
20.30 Spill The River
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Master Of None
Bleak folk combo Litrle Red are one of our favourite local acts, so when we heard that their vocalist Ian Mitchell had a new act boasting influences from Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Joy Division and The National, we naturally rushed to see it.  The early releases were of a lofi bedroom electronic nature, but once Ian had accrued a live act – featuring Shan from GTI chums Moogieman & The Masochists – the music truly took off, and latest album There Be Monsters... is a churning whirlpool of tough gothic rocking.
Stealing Signs
A quartet from South Woodham Ferrers in Essex (which sounds more exotic than it is, we hate to break it you), Stealing Signs take the puzzle pop pizzazz of early Foals, and add a supersize me garnish of stadium choruses which wouldn’t eb out of place on a 90s U2 album.  “'Front man Nick Acton's voice resembles that of American rock artist Patrick Stump; a feel-good masterpiece that is flawlessly complimented by his instrumental accomplices. By deviating from orthodox values something peculiarly brilliant is formed. 'Hide and Seek' will no doubt act as the basis of rapid headway towards vast recognition for these guys, as they show no sign of slowing down.  The quartet are steadily proving themselves as an absolute necessity to the library of any music enthusiast.” When The Horn Blows.
Spill The River
An alternative indie-folk band, Spill the River was born in 2018. Having struggled to find the right musicians in London, songwriter Micky Buccheri moved to Oxfordshire and posted a musicians wanted ad online… within weeks, he had a band. After an unusual first gig at a wake in Braziers Park, they now play regularly and are creating a buzz around their beautifully structured songs, haunting melodies and boy/girl harmonies. They are currently recording an EP with top local studio/label Upcycled Sounds.  Their double-bass anchored sound is quite lovely; whoever ordered a happy Nick Drake, your delivery is here.
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