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25 April 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Orange Vision
21.35 P/R/P/E
20.45 Reuben’s Rocket
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Orange Vision
A new wave, shoegaze, indie and psych band, who claim influences from such cheerily odd, good-time rockers as The Hives, Peace, Swim Deep, Palma Violets, Pulp, Temples and Northside and more importantly they claim their main interest to be “playing sweaty low-ceilinged gigs”.  Must be why the NME booked them for its New Breed tour last year, then.
As this Gloucester one-man pop noise army puts it himself, he “experiments with sounds from all outposts of modern music, to produce consistently genre-shifting music”.  His pop, rock, punk, electronic (can you guess what the name stands for yet?) explosion is a wonderful ear-mangling world where laser-injected guitars cut against shortwave radio, and tape loops play alongside digital drum machines.  There’s a little bit of early 80s devil-may-care sonic adventuring in his sound, and maybe even a hint of goth.  We do love a good loop-twiddling solo pop act here at GTI!
Reuben’s Rocket
A rare stripped-down show for one of Oxford’s most charming acoustic acts, doling out warm folky pop in the vein of Ben Howard and Newton Faulkner.  Nightshift noted that the music is “well-arranged, well-produced [and] extremely mature”, which is doubtless true, but does make it sound a little po-faced and middle-aged, when what we really have here is meltingly simple, ear-tickling Cotswold roots pop to lift the meanest of hearts (eg, ours).
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