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21 May 2016

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Kanadia
21.35 Horse Rock
20.45 The Autumn Saints
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Despite being a new band in Oxford, having relocated from Devon, Kanadia have already impressed enough to have been announced for the 2016 Nightshift Punt festival, hook up with the excellent All Will Be Well Records, and tipped as band to watch by The Wheatsheaf’s in-house engineer.  Theirs is big-boned pop music that comes to you with open arms.  It’s half smooth 80s confection and half vast stadium chorus euphoria, and it’s all pure 2016.  Get on it now.
Horse Rock
Surf rock titans from Reading, here to inject the party element into our birthday event.  Instro-surf!  Filthy garage!  Masks!  Jazz hands!  Equine rock!  Another pint of brandy?  Don’t mind if we do...
The Autumn Saints
An Oxford trio who have a) a great line in a country grunge, b) a cool beard (although just one between the three of them).  They’ve been tipped for the top by our good friends at The Haven Club, and although oxfordshire has a long history of Americana bands, they don’t often come as deep and weighty as this.
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