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30 May 2015

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 Sugar Darling
21.35 Jeep
20.45 Spectra
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Sugar Darling
A dirty, grunged-up punk trio, who shimmy a thin, greasy tightrope between succinct pop melody and filthy-arse noise, all with a tiny hint of gothic macabre somewhere in the background.  Or, as they put it, “premium joy band from Ukraine”.  Believe who you want.  At their last gig they promised, in addition to kicking rock rackets, a free live mongoose and associated recipe book.  Fire up the stove!
Jeep stands for “Just Enough Education to Perform”.  But, wait, don’t go, it’s nothing to do with The Stereophonics, it’s a classic army acronym, meaning, roughly, “cannon fodder”.  Bit of a misleading name, though, because this is a side-project from Ant Kelly leader of Oxford’s slick classic pop act The Shapes, and so is bound to be well-turned and put together with gorgeous craftsmanship.  The triop is completed by members of local faves Swindlestock and Blue Meanies, and will offer a slightly harder-edged sound than the Shapes shuffle we know and love.  This will be their debut gig, so get in there firstest.
A very different, eerie opening from James Telford, AKA Spectra, a new one-man ambient/electronic act, who promises to ladle out huge helpings of warm synth tones and paranoid tones in equal measure.  Expect a heady mix of Art Of Noise pop art collage, Detroit techno beats, Radiophoic Workshop oddities and probably plenty more besides.
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