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29 November 2014

The Wheatsheaf Show map
£4.50, £3.50 advance
22.25 The Balkan Wanderers
21.35 Lost Harbours
20.45 Julia Meijer
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The Balkan Wanderers
Not only does this band boast one of our favourite punning names in recent times, but they are also adept at turning a group of random audience members into a frugging ball of euphoria.  They take East European folk, add a little 80s indie bookishness and a lot of energy.  With members hailing from the UK and Croatia, they merge klezmer clarinet effortlessly to pop melodies and punky rhythms, and this has seen them come to the attention of BBC Oxford and Oxford Contemporary Music..all this plus we once saw them send a pair of sherry-swigging drunks into paroxysms of joy in Oxford centre one Sunday afternoon...
Lost Harbours
Lost Harbours hail from Southend-on-Sea and have been performing since 2007 around the UK; they play with an eclectic collection of influences, but mainly draw upon the dark, mysterious and occasional beautiful elements of nature and the human condition. Their music has been described as psych-folk, strange and forbidding, sorrowful and "present day avant-garde blend of post-modern orchestration and Gregorian chant."  Harrowingly bleak and startlingly beautiful by turn.
Julia Meijer
Oxford-based, Sweden-raised Julia Meijer proffers crisply elegant songs brushed with sweet arrangements and subtle electronics.  Her backing band features Seb Reynolds from The Evenings/ The Keyboard Choir/ Flights Of Helios/ The Epstein/ Pindrop Promotions/ ten billion other cool things.  She impressed all-comers with an airy, tuneful set at this year’s Punt festival.
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